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How To Generate Leads For Lawyers


Lab Coat Marketing


September 2, 2020

How To Generate Leads For Lawyers

Online lead generation can be a daunting task. You may not be tech savvy enough to build a website or even know where to start with all the other digital aspects of generating new leads and cases. If you already have a website and have a marketing program, there is always the question of “can I get more?” on your mind. I want to provide some different ideas and strategies to generate leads to help you get on your feet. 

1. Build Your Website - You have to build a website. This will be your centerpiece for generating leads and cases. If you are not tech savvy enough to build one on your own, then you need to partner with someone, so that they can help you build it. When choosing that person or agency that will be building your website, you will want to make sure they are focusing on your website having one job. GET MORE LEADS. Do not have your website only focus on being flashy. Your website should be built in a way that provides the user insightful and helpful information. On top of that, your website needs to be easy enough to use so that users are able to quickly reach out to you for more questions. That is where you capture your lead.

2. Build Content For Your User - The most common mistake people make when writing or creating content is that they create the content for the platform (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) Please do not do this. Those platforms main goal is to provide the best experience to their users so that they keep coming back to the app or search engine. Since that is the case, you need to be creating content for the user. Imagine you are talking to one of your clients. What questions do you typically hear from them? Focus your content around giving a simplified answer to those questions that will be helpful to the user. If you take that mindset, you will see success and lead generation from your content.


3. Try Paid Advertising - I generally recommend you don’t do this on your own. If you do not understand Paid Advertising platforms or you have never logged into one, then you are not the best person to be managing that investment. Approach your Paid Advertising from the perspective of managing a stock portfolio. Every dollar you put in must give you some return. Otherwise you are losing money. This means you need to have tracking set up. (Tracking who is reaching out to you after interacting with one of your Ads) If you are working with someone or a marketing agency that is not treating your marketing dollars as an investment portfolio, then it’s time you reassess who you are working with. There are a ton of platforms to run Ads on, so you should always start with “Intent Based Platforms”. These would be Google Search Ads, Yelp Ads, Bing Ads etc. You can then start to branch out to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other social platforms. (based on your practice areas)

4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews - Reviews are huge, especially in the Law Industry. A user wants to make sure they are choosing the attorney that will look out for their best interest in any situation. The way users will figure out which attorney they will choose is by researching what other people have said about that attorney / law firm. If your firm has no reviews or bad reviews, then a user will be very hesitant to reach out to that firm. You need to be asking your clients for reviews at the right time during your relationship with them so that you can start to build your Social Proof. 

There are a lot of different ways to generate leads for your Law Firm. There are a lot of articles out there that will give you a lot of ideas to test out. It’s important to always test and always experiment. When you are experimenting, make sure you have all the necessary tracking mechanisms in place. Follow the Scientific Method and you will be on your way to generating more leads, cases and growing your firm! 


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