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Content Writing For Lawyers


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August 25, 2020

Content Marketing For Lawyers

Content marketing is a subject that is widely discussed in many industries. Content is king is mentioned quite a bit, but writing content may not come natural to everyone. Since that is the case, this article will give you some tips and tricks to help you get in the right mindset to have successful and helpful content for your website. 

- Content Is Not Always Written - The biggest mistake people make is they assume content is written paragraphs. Content is anything a user consumes and experiences on your website. Your website itself is content. Once you have a clean and easy to use website, you could provide different types of content to help users answer any questions they may have in the form they prefer. Examples of this could be video content, written content, info graphics and newsletter signups. Maybe you are really good on video, but not good with your writing. If that’s the case, you should be pushing into the video content and record videos of you providing helpful legal advice for any given practice area you practice. 

- Build Content For Your User - The most common mistake people make when writing or creating content is that they create the content for the platform (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) Please do not do this. Those platforms main goal is to provide the best experience to their users so that they keep coming back to the app or search engine. Since that is the case, you need to be creating content for the user. Imagine you are talking to one of your clients. What questions do you typically hear from them? Focus your content around giving a simplified answer to those questions that will be helpful to the user. If you take that mindset, you will see success and lead generation from your content. 

- Provide Additional Resources (If It Fits) - Users have questions they are trying to answer. If you can provide additional resources by linking out to another web page then do so. As long as that information will be important to the user. Eventually you can create content around that information you are linking out to so that you keep the user on your website at all times which potentially could lead them to contacting your firm for help. 

People can overthink what content to create. Overthinking can lead to be paralyzed by information. Always put the user first and you will be able to create helpful content that converts to leads. 


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