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How we helped the Zazueta Law have a 120% increase in lead generation in year 1

Over the first 12 months of launching a new website and implementing our developed marketing strategies, Zazueta Law, PLLC saw a substantial increase in lead generation.

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SEM Services

Project Timeline

10/2019 - Present



Increased In Case Generation


The Challenge

Zazueta Law, PLLC is a Business & Real Estate disputes firm in Phoenix, Arizona. As a solo firm that was in startup mode, the managing attorney Fabian Zazueta was in need of a trustworthy marketing partner that could manage his website and online channels so that he could generate enough business to grow his firm and expand his team. 

When looking for a trusted partner, Fabian approached us to have a discussion about potentially working together. During this process, we outlined opportunities that if executed properly, could prove to be very beneficial to the growth of Zazueta Law. These opportunities existed in the website design & structure, paid advertising, content creation and general online presence.

The Solution

Zazueta Law, PLLC had two main goals to accomplish; to have their website & brand represent a high quality firm, and to generate leads and business opportunities from the web. 

After following our strategy and scientific approach, we collaborated with Fabian Zazueta to design, develop and launch a new website. We then worked on countless projects to make sure the Zazueta Law brand was consistent across the web. After that, we set up all of our tracking mechanisms, launched a Google Ads campaign and continued to optimize and tweak the website design, written content and advertising strategies on a month to month basis.

In addition to the items mentioned above, we also worked with Fabian Zazueta on developing business cards, logo and brand identity design, firm collateral design and email signature design.

The Results

Over the first 12 months of launching a new website and implementing our developed marketing strategies, Zazueta Law, PLLC saw a substantial increase in lead generation. The increase in lead generation and continued decrease in marketing cost per lead is considered a major part of the firm’s growth over the last few years.

  • 120% increase in lead generation in Year 1
  • 815% increase in lead generation from Year 1 to Year 2
  • 71% decrease in marketing cost per lead in Year 1
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Saved time for the attorney
  • Simplified web and marketing management


"Lab Coat Marketing has been a great partner to work with and has focused on the success of my firm. With their assistance, I have gained bigger traction on the internet, which has generated substantial organic leads for my business. Thank you for always taking a lead first mentality and helping my law firm grow!" - Fabian Zazueta, Zazueta Law, PLLC

The Challenge


  • Research
  • Design & Strategy Call (w/ Attorney)

Strategy Development:

  • Strategy Meeting (Internal)
  • Map Out Website Structure
  • Map Out Marketing Strategy


  • Logo & Brand Identity Evaluation
  • Initial Website Design MockUp
  • User Testing (Competitors Websites & Initial MockUp)
  • Internal Page Design
  • Marketing Funnel Development
  • Credibility Development
  • Logo & Brand Identity Design
  • Firm Collateral
  • Email Signature Design


  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance

Website Launch:

  • Setup Web Hosting
  • Technical SEO Development
  • Systems Integration

SEM Setup:

  • Call Analytics Setup
  • Lead Generation Reporting Setup
  • Website Tracking
  • Advanced Client Rank Tracking
  • Local Listings Tracking
  • Heatmapping & Session Recordings
  • Advanced Competitor Website Tracking
  • Advanced Competitor Rank Tracking
  • Local Listings Creation & Management
  • Legal Listings Creation & Management
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Google Ads Account Strategy
  • Local Service Ads Account Setup
  • Local Service Ads Account Strategy
  • Facebook Ads Account Setup
  • Facebook Ads Account Strategy

Ongoing Strategy & Analysis:

  • Google Ads Account Management
  • Local Service Ads Account Management
  • Facebook Ads Account Management
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • SEO & Content Strategy
  • Content Writing
  • User Testing
  • Website & User Experience Updates
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Updates & Analysis

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