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How To Generate More Five-Star Reviews For Your Law Firm Guide

It's no secret that consumers aren't good at judging how good a lawyer is. They don't have the expertise and facts to make that call. Giving them clues about your success is important so they can see your skills. Online reviews and testimonials are among the most valuable pieces of evidence to portray to consumers. 

With the proper research and information, it's easier for potential clients to make a reliable assessment of you as an attorney. Once your client sees your expertise firsthand, it's hard to shake their confidence in you, and you'll be their go-to attorney. This guide helps get you to that top spot, where you can impress your clients and grow your legal career.

Why Law Firm Reviews Matter

People want to save as much time as possible, and online reviews offer consumers a fast way to discern which attorneys are most trustworthy. All consumers browse reviews, with a staggering 98% regarding them as crucial in decision-making, according to We are all influenced by peers to some degree, and the sooner you internalize this truth, the faster you can prioritize review-generating strategies.

As your reviews grow, your client base will also expand, leading to additional reviews. It's a self-perpetuating cycle that can yield immense benefits for your law firm. You'll gain some of the most passionate supporters by delivering exceptional case outcomes that transform your client's lives. And with their testimonials, you can evolve from a small business to a dominant force in your community's legal landscape.

The Best Review Platforms

It's important to remember that not all online review platforms are created equal. This rule applies to every industry, including the legal profession, which contains its own set of specialized review sites. These platforms allow clients to share their experiences exclusively with lawyers and law firms. To make things easier, we'll take a closer look at the top review sites you should focus on to amass a wealth of reviews.

  1. Google Business Profile (Google Reviews): When it comes to review sites, Google is the king of the hill. It's the most widely used search engine by a long shot, so having a solid presence on this platform is vital. Google is the most visible review site, meaning it's often the first thing a potential client sees when researching or locating your firm on Google Maps. That's why having raving reviews on Google is critical to your success. If you had to choose just one review site to prioritize, it should be Google.

  1. Avvo: As an attorney, you're likely familiar with Avvo's website. While some lawyers may be skeptical about the legitimacy of Avvo reviews, the truth is that clients are increasingly relying on this platform to evaluate lawyers. That's why it's essential to ensure that your listing on Avvo is correctly set up and generates strong reviews to make your profile stand out. So don't let any doubts about Avvo reviews hold you back - take advantage of this valuable platform to maximize your online visibility and reach.

  1. Justia: Justia is renowned for its website design and hosting services for lawyers. However, it also boasts a lawyer rating and review feature that allows clients to conduct in-depth research. Moreover, Justia has recently incorporated a peer-to-peer review system that enables lawyers to evaluate their peers. This adds an extra layer of feedback based on colleagues' opinions, providing potential clients with a more comprehensive understanding of your reputation beyond just the satisfaction of your past clients. So, ensure you utilize this feature to bolster your profile and gain an edge over the competition.

  1. offers a valuable free service for individuals and small businesses seeking legal advice but also needing to figure out where to begin. With profiles for over a million attorneys worldwide, along with informative articles on various legal topics, is a popular website within the legal community. You should keep your profile complete and updated with relevant information about your practice. One of the main perks of is that it provides potential clients with an easy way to contact you directly via a website form. Therefore, ensure your profile is appealing and compelling to encourage potential clients to reach out to you.

  1. Yelp: Yelp's user-friendly and accessible format makes it a crowd favorite and a top destination for many consumers. As a result, it's one of the first websites that usually appear in search results when people are looking for you. One of Yelp's key advantages is that it allows you to share crucial information about your practice, including the services you offer and your contact details. You can even include photos to give clients a better understanding of your practice. Be sure to express gratitude to those who leave positive reviews and handle negative ones politely and professionally. Doing so can boost your ratings, improve your reputation, and attract more clients.

  1. Facebook: While it may not be as dominant as Google, Facebook still holds immense significance. It's a popular place for people to get recommendations, and when someone posts one, it links to your business page and shows your rating—making it a crucial part of getting referrals from your community. Though it's not as powerful as Google, Facebook is still a vital general review site to which you should pay attention.

How To Boost Your Five-Star Reviews

Simplifying the review process is key to increasing positive online reviews for your website. Even the most experienced attorneys may have dissatisfied clients who are more inclined to leave negative reviews. To counter this, educating your satisfied clients on the significance of leaving a review and guiding them through the process is essential. The review process must be streamlined and user-friendly, allowing clients to leave reviews quickly. Plan the necessary steps to make it hassle-free, and let your satisfied clients share their positive experiences with the world!

  • Plan to Ask For Reviews: Make sure you have your Google Business Profile link readily available on your phone and computer so you can provide it when someone asks how they can leave you a review. You can easily copy the link from the Google Business Profile Manager's Home tab. Then, if you ask a client or someone you were able to help for a review, you can quickly and easily text or email them the link. Remember, when asking for a review, always give a reason why you're asking for the review. When you give people a reason, no matter how small, they are more likely to comply with your request.

  • Pro Tip: An even more convenient method for having someone leave a review is to provide them with a QR code to scan from their phone that directs them the same way as a Google review link. These QR codes can easily be made online at websites such as

  • Don't Limit Opportunities: Successful case results will improve the odds of your clients leaving a five-star review. However, you don't have to settle the case to ask for a review. It is possible to receive five-star reviews even if the person submitting the review isn't your client. The review can be given at any time and doesn't have to focus solely on the quality of your legal services. Being approachable, addressing inquiries, and providing assistance are all factors that can result in a positive review.

  • Pro tip: Friends and family members are great options for quick reviews if you are a new attorney who has yet to take many cases. Additionally, if you have partnered with vendors and have contributed well to their business, you should reach out with a review request.

  • Create A Personal Touch: One way to make your clients feel appreciated is by sending them a physical gift. The gift could be small, like a coffee mug, pen, or water bottle. It's important to send a bulky gift rather than a gift card or digital gift since people tend to value physical objects more. A significant gift is less likely to be thrown away as junk mail and large packages tend to be opened. 

  • Pro Tip: Include a note with the package to make the gift even more unique. It's important to note that sending a gift to all clients isn't tied to receiving a review, and clients aren't obligated to leave a review to receive the gift. However, many clients will feel the urge to reciprocate the kind gesture, resulting in more reviews for your business. It's best to prevent mentioning the gift in the note to create an incentive for the client.

Law Firm Review Generation Tools

There are a variety of tools, both free and paid, that can assist with streamlining the process of generating new reviews. If you can invest in these tools, you should automate as much of the process as possible. For instance, you can set up an automatic email after a client meeting to request a review. If a review isn't left, a friendly reminder can be automatically sent to encourage feedback. This way, even if the client is busy, you can still receive their valuable input. Here are some of the top review generation tools to consider:

  • Podium: Using text messaging, Podium can assist your firm in accumulating reviews while also merging online reviews and client interactions into one easy-to-use dashboard. This feature allows for streamlined online review management, including request and response actions and an overview of daily interactions to discover areas where your review program may be lacking. The cost of Podium is higher and determined based on the number of locations managed, though it offers a range of pricing options.

  • BirdEye: BirdEye provides an all-in-one reputation and review management system, allowing you to control your online business listings from a single platform. Using BirdEye, you can monitor and respond to reviews in near real-time and send review requests via email or text/SMS to clients as part of your case closeout process. The platform also includes social media sharing and rank-tracking functionality. As for pricing, it is quote-based, so you will need to contact BirdEye for a definitive price.

  • is a well-known and reliable tool for acquiring and managing reviews. It integrates with Google and Facebook, enabling you to respond directly to reviews from the platform's dashboard. Like other tools, you can send review requests via email or text message and have the option to include a request card in your mailers. The platform lets you set up automated reports and embed your reviews directly on your site. Pricing is affordable and still offers a diverse array of integrations and features.

Get More Reviews For Your Law Firm

Having positive reviews can make a significant impact on your firm's online presence and reputation. It's essential to ensure that the review process is straightforward and accessible, no matter your methods. As you garner more five-star reviews on your Google Business Profile, you should see a rise in website traffic and leads. If you want to partner with a successful agency that employs data-driven strategies to enhance your review generation efforts, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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