Google Partnership

Stay ahead of the competition

What is a Google Partnership?

A Google Partnership is an achievement that some marketing agencies around the world achieve. Firms have to complete a test with Google and achieve a grade above 80% to be considered for partnership recognition. This test is not the only requirement you must achieve to become a partner. Google Partners must also show a certain level of success for their clients through Google Ads strategies. Without that performance evaluation, firm’s cannot become a Google Partner.

Google aligns the benefits of the partnership to meet three key areas: Education & Insights, Access & Support, and Recognition & Rewards.

How does a Google Partnership benefit your firm?

A Google Partnership is not only an accolade that Lab Coat Marketing has achieved, it also comes with benefits that our clients experience when working with us. Some of the benefits are:

Partnering With Lab Coat Marketing

Lab Coat Marketing is a Google Partner and can provide you with the excellent experience mentioned above. We bring higher level opportunities to solo or boutique law firms to help them compete with the firms that have been established over the past decades. In working with Lab Coat Marketing, you will receive all of the benefits provided by working with a Google Partner. Contact us today if you have any questions or need more information on getting started.