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Our Services

Learn more about our services and why we strive to be the #1 marketing partner for our clients.


we are experts in these areas

Below are the products and services we provide when you become a partner of Lab Coat Marketing.

web design

Your approach to your website design is imperative to your overall marketing success. Your focus should be a blend of a custom look and a conversion focused design.

You should think of your website as an investment. You are an investor looking to get the best return based on where you put your marketing dollars. Your website should act as a mechanism to generate more revenue to your law firm.

Digital paid advertising

What advertising platforms are bringing you the best return on your investment? Are you even tracking the ROI of each advertising platform you are investing in? Our focus is in helping you identify where you should be placing your advertising dollars and determining when you should invest more or pull back on spend.

At Lab Coat Marketing, we manage our clients advertising dollars like an investment portfolio. Every time you make a decision to invest in a new platform or channel, you need to understand what your return ends up being and if you should continue to invest more or cash out.

seo / conversion rate optimization

Google is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago. Many marketers and agencies focus on the "hacks" of Google rather than aligning with Google's goals. Google's #1 priority is satisfying the users that use Google.

Since Google's focus is satisfying searcher intent, we focus on delivering the best answers and an easy to use platform for users to find the answer to their question. With this approach, Google will trust your brand and show you more often in search results.

Local Listings

Consistency across the internet is extremely important. That means keeping your law firms information (Name, Address, Phone Number) the same across the internet provides a positive signal to Google. If Google can see that you are presenting information to users that is consistent, it will go a long way to gaining Google's trust.

At Lab Coat Marketing, we are constantly working to achieve this goal for our clients. We keep our clients information consistent across 70+ listings across the internet, which leads to strong trust between our clients and Google.


Phone calls can account for anywhere from 30-50% of a law firms lead volume. With that being said, it is important to track phone calls and understand how many phone calls turn into leads. With this understanding, you will be able to identify which marketing channels bring you the best overall return on your investment.

At Lab Coat Marketing we provide a call tracking service so that our clients are able to see the full return they are getting from their marketing investment. With the ability to track and listen to phone calls, you are able to identify how many phone calls turned into actual leads.


Many Digital Marketing Agencies take the set and forget it approach. This means they have a set standard of how they set up clients on their marketing program and then they won't look at the account again. While this is beneficial for getting your business up to best practices, it does nothing to help you get more clients and be on the cutting edge of marketing and lead generation.

At Lab Coat Marketing, we believe heavily in the scientific method. This means we are in constant experimentation mode and learning new ways to generate new leads for our clients. With constant iteration, our clients experience growth that sustains over the lifetime of their law firm.


We are always willing to have a conversation and to give the best advice we can! Reach out to us with one of the following methods and we will get back to you with any answers you may need.