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Marketing Strategies For Small Law Firms

Marketing Strategies For Small Law Firms

As a small law firm, you have to be very cognizant of the money you spend. You have to make sure you generate a positive ROI on any marketing dollars you put into the market. There are steps that you can take on a low budget to start generating cases today. Follow the steps below and you will start to generate cases. 

  1. Have A User Friendly Website Design: Having a user friendly website is extremely important. You want to make sure your website is mobile friendly and provides helpful information to the user. Also, don’t make it difficult for users to reach out to your law firm. Have your phone number readily available and make it clear where the user should submit a contact form on your website. Having a user friendly website will be the centerpiece to all of your marketing efforts. 
  1. Build Helpful Content For The User: Content does not mean selling yourself. Yes, it is important to let users know why they should choose you over your competitors, but it is also important to answer the questions users may have when looking for attorney services you provide. Having helpful, intelligent content will show the user that you are the expert in the subject matter and that you should be their choice of attorney. 
  1. Setup Local Listings & Legal Listings: Local Listings and Legal Listings are extremely important. The most important Local Listings are Google My Business, Yelp and Apple Maps. All of these you can claim, verify and update on your own so that you will be visible online to users looking for your services. When it comes to Legal Listings, you will want to set up Justia, SuperLawyers and Avvo. All of these listings are free to set up and they will generate leads for you over time. 
  1. Participate In Local Service Ads: Local Service Ads is a fairly new offering from Google. Local Service Ads show up first on the Google Search Page and allow for users to see which lawyers have a good review rating and have been “Google Screened”. Google Screened means that they will run a background check on you and your firm to make sure that you are a good fit for users online. Local Service Ads only charge you if you generate a lead. If you don’t generate a lead, you don’t get charged. Being a small law firm, you know that you will only pay for qualified people and not just traffic like Google Search Ads. 
  1. Review Generation: Credibility is something that most users look for when choosing an attorney. Through usability tests we have run, we have identified that users find badges and reviews extremely important when choosing which attorney they want to work with. Because of this, you need to make sure you are asking your clients to leave you a review on your new Google My Business page. Generating reviews will be extremely important for the short and long term success of your law firm. 
  1. Track Everything!: You need to track everything. Set up Google Analytics and make sure you are tracking the leads you are generating from your marketing efforts. I would also recommend setting up call tracking so you know how many phone calls you are generating from your marketing efforts. 

Marketing Strategies For Small Law Firms

There are many services out there that can help manage your marketing strategies for small law firms. At Lab Coat Marketing, we have been able to provide excellent results for our clients. In some cases we have been able to provide 50x ROI. Every client is unique and every market requires its own unique attention to achieve results like that, but we are always up for the challenge and love helping our clients grow their firms and achieve their goals. We would love to have a conversation with you to help you achieve your goals as well!


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