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Web Design

Web Design is not about just looks. There are two sides of the spectrum that exist in the online marketing world. One side of it looks at a templated approach with the goal of building scale and checking the proverbial “SEO box”. The other side of the spectrum is building the “coolest” website that is all about looks and business thought is not put into the design. The approach you need to take for business is to view your website as an investment. With your website being an investment, you should be expecting some sort of return from your investment. With that being said, you have to design your website focusing on the user and focusing on conversion rate optimization. Below are a couple of items to start of with on your new website:

  • Do not accept a one size fits all template
  • Focus on the user experience
  • “Prettiness” is not the only standard to observe

If you do not focus on the user experience and shaping your website to drive leads to your business, you will lose money. Your website is an investment and you need to make sure you are getting a return on your investment. Going through each of the bullet points above, if you accept a one size fits all template, then you are not accounting for your particular market and the customers you are trying to get. Your website should be shaped towards the market you are targeting, so if you take a template you are essentially accepting being at the low end of the pack. If you focus on the user experience of your website, you will be shaping your website to be extremely user friendly and help the user complete their goal. Every user has a goal when landing on a website and it is your job to help them easily complete that. A good looking website is important, but going back to user experience, your goal needs to be a user friendly business that looks good and can build credibility. 

Working With Lab Coat Marketing:

Google’s number 1 ranking factor is user satisfaction. Any agency or marketing professional that tells you otherwise is working off of practices from 10+ years ago. Our design team over a decade of experience in designing and building websites focused on driving leads to businesses while looking unique and professional. The future of online success will continue to revolve around providing the best experience for the user and helping them complete their goal. Lab Coat Marketing focuses on the user data to improve your website and drive more leads to your business. If you want to have a larger conversation on the topic, choose one of the options below to contact us and schedule a free consultation. 


We are always willing to have a conversation and to give the best advice we can! Reach out to us with one of the following methods and we will get back to you with any answers you may need.