Why Going Private Could Be the Key to Protecting Your Clients' Rights and Driving Systemic Change

Transitioning from a public defender to a private attorney is a significant decision that may not be suitable for everyone. The purpose of this information is not to encourage all public defenders to become private attorneys. However, it is evident from conversations with public defenders that they are deeply committed to promoting systemic change within the legal system and safeguarding the rights of their clients and the broader community. In light of these aspirations, public defenders must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a career as a private attorney, which may help drive progress and enhance the criminal legal system as a whole.

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5 Ways Becoming a Private Attorney Can Revolutionize the Legal System

  1. There are several ways in which a public defender becoming a private attorney can help protect citizens' rights and fight for systemic change within the criminal justice system:
  2. Greater Autonomy: As a private attorney, a former public defender has greater autonomy in the types of cases they choose to take on and the strategies they use to defend their clients. This can allow them to be more creative and innovative in their approach to protecting their clients' rights and seeking systemic change.
  3. Increased Resources: Private attorneys often have more resources at their disposal than public defenders, such as greater access to experts and investigators. This can allow them to mount more robust defenses and to gather more evidence in support of their clients.
  4. Greater Ability to Influence Policy: Private attorneys may have more opportunities to influence policy and advocate for systemic change by working with advocacy organizations, participating in legal education and training programs, and engaging with lawmakers.
  5. Building On Experience: Public defenders gain valuable experience and insights into the criminal justice system while representing their clients. As private attorneys, they can build on this experience to develop a deeper understanding of the systemic issues that contribute to unfairness and inequality within the criminal justice system, and use this knowledge to advocate for change.
  6. Diverse Perspectives: Private attorneys who have previously worked as public defenders bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the legal profession. This can help to promote a more inclusive and equitable legal system by bringing attention to issues that may be overlooked by those who have not worked in public defense.


Transitioning from a public defender to a private attorney is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. While it may not be the right path for everyone, becoming a private attorney can provide greater autonomy, increased resources, and greater opportunities to influence policy and drive systemic change within the legal system. Additionally, private attorneys can build on their experience as public defenders to bring diverse perspectives and insights to the legal profession, promoting a more inclusive and equitable system. Ultimately, the decision to become a private attorney should be driven by a commitment to promoting fairness, equality, and justice for all citizens within the criminal justice system.

If you are a public defender who is contemplating the transition to become a private attorney, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have extensive experience in client acquisition for private criminal defense attorneys and are happy to provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the steps you need to take to establish a successful private practice and get on your feet in the private world!

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