CLE Marketing Training
for Defense Lawyers

Creative Director Chris Carroll
Senior Marketing Strategist Anthony Aguilera
Chief Marketing Officer Joe Evans

As a criminal defense attorney, your expertise is in the courtroom, not the marketplace. But in today's hyper-competitive legal environment, having top-tier legal skills simply isn't enough. That's where our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training on marketing comes in. Designed specifically for attorneys like you, this course will equip you with practical, effective strategies to attract more clients and build a stronger professional reputation. By signing up, you'll learn how to leverage digital platforms, create compelling content, and harness the power of social media to amplify your practice. Don't let your lack of marketing knowledge hold back your firm's potential. Sign up for our CLE training on marketing today and unlock the door to unprecedented growth and success for your practice.

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As a Lab Coat Marketing partner, you will work very closely with the experts themselves. There will not be a middle project manager. Our goal is to put the experts at your fingertips so that we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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