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Learn more about us and how you should approach your Digital Marketing efforts.

Strategy & Analysis

This topic is huge when it comes to succeeding in Digital Marketing. Many Digital Marketing Agencies take the set and forget it approach. This means they have a set standard of how they set up clients on their marketing program and then they won't look at the account again. While this is beneficial for getting your business up to best practices, it does nothing to help you get more clients and be on the cutting edge of marketing and lead generation.

You should be constantly analyzing your data and trying to understand and identify new opportunities to get more clients. This is where having a set process to follow really helps. We believe following the scientific method is rigid enough to truly understand if our experiments are working and driving more leads. If you truly want to stand out and have your law firm grow, then you need to put a lot of thought and effort into this concept specifically. 

Working With Lab Coat Marketing:

At Lab Coat Marketing, we believe heavily in the scientific method. This means we are in constant experimentation mode and learning new ways to generate new leads for our clients. With constant iteration, our clients experience growth that sustains over the lifetime of their business.


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