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SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO is a term that we have great passion for. The reason for this is because SEO has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Many agencies and marketing professionals still sell tactics from 20 years ago because of the misunderstanding of how Google actually works. The real issue in the Digital Marketing industry is that anyone can post a blog online about SEO, but no one takes down their blogs when things change. So business owners are doing Google searches to try and learn about SEO on their own and get cause reading blogs from 20 years ago. Or they get caught reading an article written by someone who is quoting another article that is from 20 years ago. Winning and maintaining success on Google is pretty simple when you break it down to its simplest terms. All Google cares about is satisfying the user. Giving the user the best experience possible so that Google can gain that users trust. Even though a user is looking for your product, the user belongs to Google and it’s Google’s job to give them the best business or answer to their question as possible. If you have a marketing specialist telling you to write content for keywords, then they are not aligned and are focusing on past tactics. If a marketing specialist is telling you that your H1 tags are missing or are duplicated, then you are speaking to the wrong person and need to look for a different marketing partner. Your sole purpose needs to be focusing on giving the user and your future customer the best experience possible. If you do that, then you will succeed on search engines. 

Improving this over time is called Conversion Rate Optimization and isn’t a simple process. You can’t base your decisions based on how you feel or what you want as a business. It isn’t about what you want as a business, it’s about what your user wants and what questions they need answers to. You also need to be monitoring every metric you possibly can. Tracking is EXTREMELY important for conversion rate optimization. You need to have event and goal tracking setup in Google Analytics and you need other third party tools that can track user behavior on your website so that you can start analyzing how users interact with your website and you can start to improve your conversion rate. By improving your conversion rate on your website, you will get more leads and customers, but will also gain traction and rank in all search engines. 

Working With Lab Coat Marketing:

We have been thought leaders in this topic through Google’s transition to focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization instead of older tactics of SEO. For our clients and partners, we focus on tracking everything we can about how users interact with our websites so that we can understand what potential barriers exist for those users and potential ways for us to remove those barriers so that they can become customers of our clients. This is such a big topic that if you want a no pressure explanation of how SEO truly works nowadays, please reach out to us because we want to make sure you are in the best position possible to help your business move forward. 


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