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Local Listings

Local Listings are extremely important for businesses that serve their local community. Users naturally want to find a business that is close in proximity to them (amongst other things) to do business with. Local Listings are platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, Nextdoor etc. Citations (Local Listings) are also extremely important in any effort to improve trust between your business and Google. Google wants to make sure the businesses they are ranking and recommending to users will be providing accurate information to those users. If they do not provide accurate information to their users, that will hurt the users trust with Google and force users to stop using the platform. Because of this Google looks around to identify trust signals a business may have, so that they can understand how trustworthy that business information is. This is where Local Listings come into play. If you have different hours of operation or a different phone number on 100 different listings across the web, then how will Google know what information is correct? They won’t so therefore your business will lose trust with Google. To remedy this, you need to have your business information consistent and accurate across as many listings as you can so that Google understands and trusts your business to provide the right information to their users. 

Working With Lab Coat Marketing:

Our number one goal with Local Listings is to keep information consistent and accurate across the web. We update and maintain over 75 listings to make sure Google sees your information is correct and trustworthy. We maintain the bigger listings like Google My Business, Yelp and Apple Maps as well as all of the smaller listings that exist around the web. 


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