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Call Tracking

What is happening on your phone calls? Are you getting phone calls from your online marketing efforts? There is an effective way to track this information online. Phone calls can account for anywhere from 30-50% of a law firm's lead volume. With that being said, it is important to track phone calls and understand how many phone calls turn into leads. With this understanding, you will be able to identify which marketing channels bring you the best overall return on your investment. 

You should be tracking phone calls by paid channels specifically. You are investing money directly into these different Ad channels, so it is important to understand which channel is driving leads to your firm as a whole so that you can invest more and continue to grow your business. Another benefit we have noticed from using Call Tracking is if you are a one person or a couple people law firm, then that means you are pretty busy. You will not be able to answer every phone call and users do not always leave a voicemail. Since users are trying to find a solution right now for their legal needs, it is important that you are able to get back in touch with them quickly to see if your law firm can help out. Having Call Tracking allows you to record what phone numbers you may have missed calls from so that you can call them back as soon as you get a chance to. 

Working With Lab Coat Marketing:

At Lab Coat Marketing we provide a call tracking service so that our clients are able to see the full return they are getting from their marketing investment. With the ability to track and listen to phone calls, you are able to identify how many phone calls turned into actual leads.


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