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Learn more about all the questions we are asked on a ongoing basis.

How often do I need to be updating my content?

This depends on what kind of content we are talking about. Something the industry needs to recognize is that "content" could mean a variety of things based on industry and the need of the user. If you are referring to written content, then you need to ask yourself if whatever it is you write will become outdated quickly. If it can become outdated, then you will need to write more content to stay relevant. If it is something like explaining a law in the law industry, you may not need to update that as often. There are a lot of things to consider here, most importantly what your goal is, so I do recommend reaching out to us on this question and we can do a free consultation.

How much do your services cost?

We offer a variety of services that fit in one package. Since we do not offer individual services as standalone products, we will need to discuss the pricing personally. We do not have a pressured sales approach and if you tell us you are not interested, then we won't bother you with a ton of emails or phone calls. Reach out to us on one of the options below and we can get you a proposal of the cost of our services.

Can you handle design services outside of just the website?

We have an award winning design team that has 10+ years of design experience in many different capacities. We can definitely handle design requests outside of the website and it will generally be at no additional cost. If you are a partner with Lab Coat, let us know what you are thinking and we can brainstorm some solutions!

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services. Some of these services include:

- Website Design & Development
- Digital Advertising Management
- Call Tracking
- Local Listings Management
- Conversion Rate Optimization

I welcome you to visit our Services page on our website to get a full understanding of what you could get with a Lab Coat partnership!

Can I pick which services I want from you guys?

We do not offer one off services. The reasoning behind this is our goal is to get you as many leads and paying customers as possible while helping you grow your business. The services we offer are extremely important to your success and won't make sense to use one without the other.

Should we schedule monthly phone calls to discuss results?

We are very flexible in this sense. We know our clients are very busy running their business. If you want to have a monthly phone call then we can schedule one. Otherwise we will continue to give you reports and updates of what experiments and recommendations we have going.

Is there a review process in place that I can approve items before they are launched?

Yes. Whenever we are making changes to your website or content related we will have you make a final approval before we push anything live. What you will recognize is we are every collaborative with you if you have the time. So the final approval is just the final stamp to go live.

What is the first step if I sign on with you guys?

The first step in the process of signing on with Lab Coat will be evaluating what online efforts you currently have going and then starting the redesign of your website. We will want to make sure we get everything up to our standard best practices before we start the ongoing experimentation to get your more leads over time.

How long is a contact with you guys if I sign on?

We do not do contracts in regards to length of stay. We offer our services on a month to month basis. We see a lot of agencies that force their clients to sign 1, 2, 3 and 4 year contracts and we find that unnecessary. We don't want you to feel stuck in an agreement, we would rather have partners that understand our value and are choosing to be with us instead of being forced.

Who will I be working with if I choose you guys? Will I have a project manager?

We have the philosophy that when you work directly with the experts, you will be able to accomplish more and get great results in the process. We have you work directly with the experts in the industry for this reason.

Do you guys manage listings like Google My Business?

We manage more than just Google My Business. We manage the consistency of your business information across 75+ different listings across the web too build your credibility with Google.

I feel like a lot of my leads come from a phone call, how do you guys account for that?

We offer Call Tracking as a part of our service. With Call Tracking, we acquire a unique phone number that will automatically forward to your phone number when someone calls it. This records phone calls and helps us understand what leads are coming from your phone call volume.

What paid advertising platforms do you guys have experience with?

We have experience across multiple Ad platforms. Some of the more popular ones would be, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and YouTube Ads.

Can you guys handle my SEO?

Yes. SEO today is much different than it was 5, 10 and 20 years ago. We make sure your website is technically sound in regards to your SEO, but then we focus heavily on Conversion Rate Optimization because Google focuses there to determine rank. This is pretty big shift in mindset within the Digital Marketing space, so please contact us with one of the methods below if you want to have a bigger conversation!

How much money should I spend on Ads?

There is not a general answer to this. We would need to understand your goals better to give a really good answer. If you just want to get the best return on your investment, then you should start with Google Search Ads since that is an intent based platform.


We are always willing to have a conversation and to give the best advice we can! Reach out to us with one of the following methods and we will get back to you with any answers you may need.